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i need help plugin vip

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i need help plugin vip

Сообщение CataFan21 » 11 апр 2021, 22:31

Hello friends.
I need a vip plugin for a 6.2 zm addons

Those who are better knowledgeable in the field, this is how we had the characteristics of the VIP before:

// ----------------------------------
// CSBD VIP System v1.0 configurations file
// Author: Hellfire
// ----------------------------------
// The changes will take effect only after server mapchange / restart!

vip_jumps 5 // How many jumps can vip do in air.
vip_armor 100 // How much armor vips gets every spawn. [0-off]
vip_health 1000 // How much health vips gets every spawn. [0-off]
vip_damage 1.5 // How much damage vips can deal. [1.0 - off]

I can no longer find the old author after I had to change my host on the server, losing the VIP that was configured on the old ip.
Please if anyone wants to give me a little effort and kindness I would be grateful.
Thank you.
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