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Really need a new ban system (AMXBANS)  [Solved]

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Really need a new ban system (AMXBANS)

Сообщение Lionel Messi » 21 сен 2017, 07:37

Hi! i need solution to protect my servers from IP/STEAM ID Changers So i need new bans system, which will stop these noobs! Also one more new feature in servers that when player get banned system will do 3 screenshots who comes up in players cstrike/ directory. So from now players who wants to be unbanned, they will need to send these 3 ss + demo file in their ban appeal. anyone know how to do it with AMXBANS? Please Help me!

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Re: Really need a new ban system (AMXBANS)  [Solved]

Сообщение Fedcomp » 21 сен 2017, 17:03

tupical cheats have antiscreen protection (nothing is seen on the screen), and you can do nothing against steam/ip changes.
All you can do - ban ip subnet.
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Re: Really need a new ban system (AMXBANS)

Сообщение KOTOKU » 08 дек 2017, 14:38

Use it, you can punish children if used him :-)
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